Sample Letters

Here’s the thing, I don’t like to talk too much to teachers and administrators. I get it. I think they are busy. And I want them focused on their job – teaching my kids. But people who are upset about this – and very scared and very wrong about Critical Race Theory – they are writing. A lot. 

Teachers and school staff need to know we’re out here too. Those of that support the work of teaching our kids about all of our past – because that what helps them to be compassionate, intelligent citizens of the United States.

Here are some sample letters I’ve used to share my feelings with school folks. Please feel free to use my language – and make sure to add your thoughts too. Your feelings matter to your kid’s teachers.

Letter to Your Children’s Teachers: Elementary and Middle School

Letter to Your Children’s Teachers: High School

Letter to Your School Board

Letter to the Editor

Letter From a Community Member