Model Letter to School Admin/Board Members from a Community Member (not a current parent)

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Remember, this language is just a start – make it personal based on your experience.

Dear Dr/Ms/Mr

As a resident of (your town) which (name of district), is a part of, I am writing today in support of our schools and teachers. Our neighborhood elementary is (school name).

I am aware of movements by some people in legislatures and at the school board level to silence or censor educational components that they find objectionable or “political.”

I reject these movements and hope you will too. Our teachers deserve our respect and our support.

I believe in our teachers. I believe they have the expertise to make select the instructional resources and develop lessons plans best suited to achieve learning standards, meet curriculum expectations, and support student learning outcomes.

We do that best by recognizing their professional knowledge, practices, and expertise to create a path of study for kids that prepares all students for college, career and civil life.

I urge you to allow experts – teachers and school administration – to be free to develop and implement curriculum that they understand best prepares children to live in our communities – both local, state, national and even global. 

Teachers do their work best when they have our resounding support for access to resources and professional respect and the freedom to make instructional decisions that they are best equipped to make.

Thank you for the work you do from a respectful concerned citizen.

(Your Name)

(Your contact info)