Model Letter to Your Kids Teachers –
High School Kids

  • Copy + paste this text to use as a sample letter

Remember, this language is just a start – make it personal based on your experience.

Dear Mr/Mrs/Dr (teacher’s name),

Welcome to back to school! My name is (your name) and I’m the parent of (your kid’s name). I believe they are in your (what period) (name of class). I wanted to introduce myself at the beginning of the year. 

In our house, we value critical thinkers and I’m grateful every year for the teachers that help my kids learn those important skills. We also believe in learning about the shared stories of our past – even when they are hard, sad, difficult, or about injustice. Our kids, we believe, deserve an education that speaks honestly about Americans – our past, present and future.

I know there are parents who may contact you and intrude on your teaching, particularly about assigned readings and projects that promote civic activism and even classroom libraries. I will not. I try to leave the school as the kid’s domain. 

But, as a professional in the community (historian, poet, children’s literature writer), I am very willing to answer questions or provide suggested supplemental resources if you would like. Please don’t hesitate to ask. I also love to buy books for classrooms – especially ones that support diversity and equity and justice education – don’t hesitate to ask. Happy to help!

I just want to say I support your professional expertise. I believe in the authority and responsibility of the teacher to make curriculum decisions that will help my kid learn to think creatively and act responsibly within the school community, and our local and national communities.

You do important work for all our kids and I am here to support you and all of (your kid’s name) teachers.


(Your Name)

(Your contact info)